It All Started When...

For over three decades, Hassan Minooeifar and Bahram Konjkav, more commonly known as ‘Bob the Builder’ by his friends, have been thriving in the construction industry. Both coming from humble beginnings and immigrating to America in the early 80’s with next to nothing, they have successfully navigated their way throughout the years and have achieved the American dream. Their paths only crossed during the economic downturn in 2007, and seeing as they were both part of one of the worst hit industries of the Great Recession, they decided to join forces. This dream team knew they could combine their vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to create a company that would not only get the job done to the highest caliber, but simultaneously minimize their environmental footprint while doing so.

Sustainable development today is of utmost importance to the pair of them knowing it is their duty as contractors to move forward in this industry, in the 21st century, and limit the harmful effects of construction and development on the environment as best they can. One decade later, Green Source has been delivering on its promises of maintaining high quality results and sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly projects, whether it be building custom homes or a full-scale shopping center. 


Our Team

  BAHRAM (BOB) KONJKAV    President



  HASSAN MINOOEIFAR    Vice President


Vice President

  MARJAN GOLKAR KONJKAV    Administrative Director


Administrative Director